5 Ways to Have Intention-Setting Success

January 01, 2022

Being relentless about your intentions = being successful with your intentions. From creating rituals to sharing your intentions publicly, we have 5 ways to ensure intention-setting success for the New Year.

Visualize Achieving Your Intention
Visualize yourself achieving your intention with as much detail as possible. How will you feel when you've reached the pinnacle of your intention? What benefits will you realize? Your intention will feel more within reach the more clear you are with your vision.

Create Rituals
Many experts recommend incorporating your intentions into your existing morning routine. Because setting intentions can support you in attuning to the bigger picture of your life, starting each day with setting or restating intentions -- as you sip coffee, make breakfasts, brush your teeth, or drive the kids to school -- can help you achieve intention success.

Share Your Intention with a Friend (or the World!)
Sharing your intentions with others can help in numerous ways -- it forces you to gain clarity on your intention, and helps to keep you focused and accountable. Tell a trusted friend about your intention, or if you're feeling extra open-bookish, share your intention to your social media platform of choice. Once your intention is in the wild, you'll feel the responsibility of seeing it through -- and that's a good thing!

Set a Mantra
A mantra is a short, repeated phrase that helps you to stay focused on your intention. Creating a positive mantra can help you combat blockers that stand between you and your intention. Want to be present and engaged with your kiddos because you know being present results in a more harmonious day? Identify all blockers to that -- your phone, social media, your to-do list -- and then set a mantra that helps you navigate past those blockers to your intention.

Remind Yourself Daily   
The best way to ensure success with setting intentions is to check in on your progress daily. This can be as simple as spending a minute or two each morning and evening writing down how you're feeling about your intention, what you did towards achieving it that day, and any challenges or celebrations you encountered. Doing so underscores accountability while also giving you the mad props you deserve for committing to living a life with intention.

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