Ingredient Spotlight: Chamomile Extract

June 12, 2019

We can think of few things more relaxing than sipping a cup of chamomile tea after a long day.  It also works wonders for insomnia, an upset tummy and cranky toddlers too! :)

What may surprise you though, is that the chamomile extract brings those same soothing properties when used on the skin!

Anti-inflammatory benefits help to soothe sensitive skin

Chamomile contains three natural compounds called chamazulene, bisabolol and apigenin which is a flavonoid. Flavonoids are powerful antioxidants that help to fight aging free radicals that may speed up the signs of aging.

But it’s the anti-inflammatory benefits of these compounds that really make chamomile a standout for sensitive skin.

Chamomile can help to soothe skin irritations by reducing inflammation, making it ideal for acne and eczema, as well as very sensitive skin types.

Antibacterial properties help to fight and prevent blemishes

Blemishes are a pain, end of story.

Whether they’re from hormonal changes, indulging in too much sugar or stress, chamomile can help you say goodbye to them once and for all!

Antibacterial and anti-fungal properties help to kill acne-causing bacteria to reduce blemishes while preventing new ones from showing up.

Helps to nourish dry skin

It’s easy to dismiss chamomile extract as an ingredient better suited for sensitive and problem skin types, but then you'd really be missing out!

Chamomile helps to leave the skin feeling wonderfully refreshed and adds in a deep dose of hydration, without ever leaving the skin feeling too oily.

It will help to balance the skin, control sebum and it has the added bonus of antioxidant protection for dry, mature skin types.

It’s powerful flavonoid, apigenin, can actually help to reduce oxidative stress for skin that ages beautifully and gracefully.

A natural skin brightener

Did you know it’s also credited for giving a beautiful bright glow?

Chamomile has natural skin lightening properties to help fade dark spots and even the skin tone for skin you just want to show off!

We bet you’re dying to find a product that contains this lovely, powerful flower!

Natural Skin Brigtener

Find it in our Rose Glow Brightening Essence along with an array of other beautiful ingredients, including pomegranate, which contains the rare, but incredible, omega 5!

Your skin will drink up this beautiful elixir and it will glow like it never has before!

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