Megan Drye Harper in Five Minutes

October 26, 2019

 On Motherhood

My journey to motherhood was easy and I was young by NYC standards. When I had my first I was 26 and the first in our friend group to have a child. While I wouldn't say I was lonely there were a lot of sacrifices I had to make that others didn't understand. 

Before Huck, I had never even held a baby much. I had this idea it was going to be so hard and my life would be so drastically different. While it was different I was still very much the same person I was before kids. Being a mom made me want to be the best version of myself. 


Megan Drye-Harper Motherhood

On Balance

Go with the flow. With three kids you lose a lot of control and you can't micromanage everything! 

Wellness and self-care?

I love getting a workout in early mornings. It just sets my day up for success. 

Megan Drye Harper Motherhood

Mom-Life Hack?

My wagon! I throw all the kids in the wagon and roll through the neighborhood. 

Motherhood in one word?


Motherhood Refined?

Motherhood is what you make it. No mother raises kids the same and there is no one way to do it correctly. We're all just making it work.



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