Our Top Travel SkinCare Tips for Moms

July 16, 2019

Chances are you’re bound to do at least a little traveling during the year, but whether you’ll be jetting off to faraway lands or taking a fun road trip just a couple hours away, the skin care tips you should be following stay the same.

It’s easy to neglect your skin care ritual when you’re traveling around, but these simple tips will help you to stay on track.

Traveling can certainly take a toll, from that dry airplane air, to those long stretches of road where you might indulge in a few naughty snacks that may aggravate your skin. 

These are our easiest and most effective tips to ensure your skin stays blemish free and glowing throughout your entire trip!

Amp up the hydration

Airplane air is super dry, and if your flight is long, your skin is going to feel parched if you don’t follow the next two tips!

Be sure to drink loads of water and stay away from those tempting glasses of champagne if you can! Ensure you keep your skin hydrated externally too by applying a rich moisturizer that will keep moisture locked in for hours. 

The bonus of our souffle is it will give your skin a beautiful radiant glow!

Rely on multipurpose products 

Instead of packing a bag with ten products or more, invest in just a few really good, all natural products in travel sizes that go quickly from carry on to beach tote and allow them to do double duty!

A nourishing essence is another excellent way to infuse your skin with a quick burst of refreshing hydration, along with an array of skin lovin’ nutrients to perk it up instantly! It can be applied before your moisturizer, or why not allow it to double up as your cleanser too? Apply some to a cotton pad and swipe away excess dirt, before applying more and following up with your moisturizer.

We also recommend adding some to a small spray bottle and treating your skin to a spritz every now and then! This is pure bliss in a bottle!

Don’t forget the SPF

This tip is so important! SPF is your best friend on your travels, because not only will it keep you safe and reduce your risk of skin cancer, it will prevent UV damage that can drastically speed up the signs of aging.

Look for a natural, mineral brand and layer a generous amount over your moisturizer for optimal protection. 

Keep it clean and simple

Once you do get to your destination, you’re going to be dying to lather up and really enjoy a deep cleanse and this is where our  Purifying Cleanser comes in! Use it on any areas that are prone to irritation and blemishes.

These 4 products are all you truly need for optimal skin protection during your travels! If you have anything to add we’d love to read it in the comments!

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Debbie Goss
Debbie Goss

August 31, 2020

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