Self-Love: Tips for Feeding Your Soul

February 01, 2022

Flowers, candy, perfume ... those are the hallmarks of February, the month of Valentines and romance. 

But what about having a jam session in the car after dropping the kids off at daycare? Or taking a break outside – yes, even in the cold – to breathe in fresh air and soak up the landscape around you? Or even making time to visit with an old friend and get nostalgic for the warm and fuzzies of the past? 

While they might not shout Valentine, all of these are easy ways to nurture your soul and love on yourself, mama. Because this season of love isn’t just about romance, it’s about loving in all its various forms – friendships, family, and with YOURSELF. And a nurtured, fulfilled, well-loved mama is a happy mama. 

Here are 5 easy ways to refuel your soul and make sure you’re tops on your own Valentine’s list (h/t!): 

Jam Session 
Taylor said it best: “shake it off!” Wherever you can – car, earbuds, empty house – turn up that volume and let the music wash over you and wash your cares away. Just a few minutes of your favorite tunes, or even the newest Disney musical soundtrack (seriously, we don’t talk about Bruno), is guaranteed to refill and refuel. 

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane 
From the minute you find out you're expecting, it's so easy to make everything about your littles that you forget what you filled up your cup before kiddos. Spend a few minutes looking at old photo albums (remember those?!) or FaceTiming an old friend to spark those memories of who YOU are independent of your role as “mom.” 

Get Outside
Yes, we know. It’s cold in a pretty big part of the country in February. But there is no substitute for the head clearing and rejuvenation that accompanies a breath of crisp, fresh air. So layer up if necessary, and head outside for a quick break. Bonus points if you get that heart rate up while you’re at it. 

But only after reading the rest of this blog. Seriously, put the phone down … in another room … far away from you. Be fully present with your family, pick up a magazine or book, have a snack or a cup of coffee, but do it without your device. Your mind and soul will thank you. 

Give yourself permission to indulge, because chances are if your soul is feeling a bit depleted, it’s because you’ve been hard at work on other things. A new purchase, a favorite treat, or even a locked bathroom door and luxurious at-home treatment (like our Refining Scrub, Restorative Butter, and Hydrating Oil Trio) can give your soul a much-needed boost.

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