5 Minutes to a Positive Day

January 06, 2022

While a day that includes meditation and journaling -- and let's face it, an actual MEAL -- sounds amazing, the truth is we just don't always have time to make all the things happen. But even when your plan to wake up early for "me time" was foiled by kids who woke up with you, you can still set the course for a positive day with affirmations. Read on for the affirmations we’ve compiled for every mom. 

Morning Affirmations for First-Time Moms (h/t @onteriawest!) 

These affirmations specific to FTMs underscore your momming abilities while also giving you space to acknowledge room for improvement. 

  • Self-care makes me a better mother.
  • One bad day does not define my motherhood.
  • My life is just beginning.
  • I am more than “just” a mom.
  • I will let go of unrealistic expectations.


Morning Affirmations for Working Moms (h/t www.thisworkingmomlife.com)

These affirmations can help put your “mom guilt” into perspective while also reminding you of all the benefits of being a working mom. 

  • I am a strong woman setting a great example for my kids.
  • My days are filled with purpose and passion.
  • My work gives me skills to teach my kids.
  • The work I do is meaningful and beneficial to others.
  • Quality family time outweighs quantity.

Morning Affirmations for Stay-at-Home Moms (h/t @bertmanderson)

These affirmations can remind you of the importance of your work at home and your value to your children and family. 

  • When there is chaos around me, I am the calm.
  • My job at home is worth millions.
  • I will take care of myself.
  • It’s okay to ask for help.
  • I might not see it now but the time I’m investing in my kids does matter.

Choose an affirmation each day to say aloud to yourself in the shower or while making breakfasts or lunches. Writing it down is even better, but really, who’s got time for that?! Just put the affirmation on repeat and rewire your brain each day for positivity.

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