Behind the Scenes at Matrescence: Meet Isaly Ferguson

July 11, 2022

Meet Isaly Ferguson, the mastermind behind Matrescence's social media and graphic design and purveyor of an awesome online stationery shop, The Seasonal Pages, which has fun paper and home goods from postcards to totes. Read on as Isaly shares more about her role at Matrescence, what she admires about motherhood, and what criteria is important to her when she looks for skincare products.

Matrescence: Tell our community more about your role at Matrescence. 

Isaly: I am the Digital Content Manager for Matrescence and I am the person that creates graphic designs and helps with everyday needs for social media. I work with a team of wonderful women to create a community for mothers.


Matrescence: What do you admire about motherhood?

Isaly: I admire that mothers are able to be superwomen everyday by balancing family life and their own needs. I think that motherhood is such a special time in a mother’s life that reminds all of us to be present and enjoy the small moments as well as the bigger ones.


Matrescence: What do you hope to achieve through your work at Matrescence?

Isaly: I hope to be able to help mothers continue to thrive emotionally, physically and mentally. I want to help create a community that recognizes how special mothers are and bring awareness to the importance of self-care.


Matrescence: We’ve got to talk about skincare! What’s the most important thing you look for in your skincare products?

Isaly: When I am looking for skincare products, I always look at three elements:

  • Ingredients
  • Price
  • Message behind the brand

I think it is important to understand what is going on your skin because our skin is the largest organ in our body. I like to use vegan led products for safety and healthy measures while also recognizing that it helps us as well as the planet. I also care about the brands that I purchase from. I like purchasing from brands that have a great mission behind them because it makes me feel as if I am using my finances for a good cause and supporting a community with a great message.


Matrescence: What’s one thing you do to center yourself after a busy day? Why is this important to you?

Isaly: After a busy day, I always like to turn on coffeehouse music – reach for a potential good book and enjoy an hour of relaxation. It is important for me to center myself with elements that make me feel peaceful and give a nice escape from reality. I think everyone should have a great method for self-care and centering after a busy day because we need balance in order to thrive.


Matrescence: What are three items you’ll never leave the house without?

Isaly: Phone, Wallet, Lipstick



Matrescence: Favorite TV show?

Isaly: Gilmore Girls


Matrescence: It’s officially summertime! What’s a go-to summer activity?

Isaly: I always have to go out and enjoy the sun at a museum with a garden.


Matrescence: Ladies' Night Out or host Ladies’ Night In?

Isaly: Ladies Night In – it’s the introvert in me.


Matrescence: Read that book you’ve been meaning to get through, or watch that movie you’ve been meaning to see? 

Isaly: Read that book you’ve been wanting to read is definitely a motto of mine. Books are my fun escape and can have a reader glued with a good story. 




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