The Truth About the Pregnancy Glow

The Truth About the Pregnancy Glow

Pregnant mamas - where's that glow we were promised? If you’re pregnant and have yet to be told that you’re glowing, don’t get too down on yourself!

While some women are fortunate and experience glowing, healthy skin throughout their pregnancy, the majority of women deal with less than perfect skin. This is often due to fluctuating hormones and is totally normal, but also quite frustrating!

The many skin changes that pregnancy brings can range from acneoily skin, an uptick in skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis, increased sweating, stretch marks (which happen to up to 90 percent of pregnant mamas!), spider veins, rashes, and hyperpigmentation also known as chloasma/melasma or the "mask of pregnancy". 

Below we’ll address three of the most common issues ones along with a pregnancy-safe solution for each! 


The Threats to your Pregnancy Glow

Inflammation and Acne breakouts

Skin inflammation and frustrating breakouts are par for the course for many women, especially during the first trimester, when the hormones are trying to balance themselves out. The most common areas to experience these types of hormonal pimples are on the cheeks and chin.

Pregnancy-Safe Solution:  Rose Glow Purifying Cleanser

If you're experiencing more breakouts during this time, the first step to clearing things up and getting that glow is to start with a gentle cleanser that will deliver deep purification, soothe inflammation and remove excess oils without ever stripping your skin of its natural oils.   

Thanks to safe ingredients such as Grapefruit and plantain extract, you'll receive a deep cleanse, while Echinacea and Burdock root will help to calm any irritation or redness associated with hormonal acne.


Dull skin, Melasma and Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is another common issue that arises during pregnancy. It is characterized by darker areas of skin anywhere on the face. Called chloasma when it occurs during pregnancy, this condition is more commonly known as melasma or the mask of pregnancy.  

Chloasma usually fades away once baby arrives, but while the bun is still in your oven, look for ingredients that are all natural and safe, that will help to brighten the skin. 

Pregnancy-Safe Solution: Rose Glow Brightening Essence

If your skin isn't looking bright or radiant—and in fact appears lackluster or falls flat, to safely treat this you'll want to consider gentle exfoliation with our nourishing essence. This refreshing product can be used after a regular toner or in place of a toner to soothe, hydrate, brighten and refine.  

Using safe ingredients such as organic chamomile and pomegranate juice which have natural refining acids will help to improve the texture of the skin. Bladderwrack extract is a natural pigmentation fighter and also reduces any areas of redness.  Antioxidant Vitamin C brightens and evens the skin, as well as boosts collagen for plumper, more youthful looking skin. Helichrysum helps to instantly brighten and revive the skin to help it look awake and alert while Grape skin extract preps the skin to absorb hydration.


Dry Skin

Another common pregnancy and post-pregnancy complaint is excessive dryness.  Hormone changes are to be blamed here, as they cause your skin to lose elasticity and moisture. This can lead to flaky skin, itchiness and other symptoms often associated with dry skin.  

Pregnancy-Safe Solution: Rose Glow Brilliance Protection Soufflé

Our soufflé is the last step in the routine and will help to hydrate and protect the skin. Make sure you are replenishing moisture and then protecting your hydrolipidic layer to prevent further moisture loss.  Our rich moisturizer with super-hydrating and protective ingredients will quench thirsty skin and help you regain its brilliance. 

Safe ingredients like Lingzhi, Reishi and Shiitake mushroom extract are like magic for skin repair and skin balancing. Shiitake contains high amounts of kojic acid that brightens and prevents dark spots, making it the perfect natural substitution for hydroquinone, which can be irritating for sensitive skin and should not be used during pregnancy. 

Don’t let pregnancy hormones dull your glow! With a few minor changes to your routine, you'll soon have that mama glow you've been dreaming of as you celebrate this exciting time.



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