About Matrescence

[mæˈtres.ents] noun

The process of becoming a mother

 Our story is all about you, mama.

Matrescence was founded on the philosophy of “mothering the mother” and born to provide a practical application of self-care that can fit into a busy mom’s lifestyle.

Our products are made safe for you; whether you’re trying to conceive, pregnant, breastfeeding or a health-conscious mom who wants a beauty routine that comes with peace of mind.

Get ready to improve your skin and feel great while doing it!  As moms, we sacrifice so much time but we shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality.

Our products are pure and so is our mission: to refine motherhood by making moms more empowered, confident and beautiful.

Experience Motherhood Refined 


The journey to motherhood can be complicated, but your skincare routine doesn’t have to be

From morning sickness and pregnancy acne to leaking boobs and stretch marks, the journey to motherhood is filled with lots of changes!

Physical, emotional and everything in between.

It’s normal to struggle with the changes. Normal to wonder if you’ll ever feel like yourself again.  You may have to give up sushi and wine for awhile…but what if you never have to switch out your favorite beauty products?

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Self-care is not selfish.

Practicing self-care played a tremendous role in making me feel like me again.”- Cara L.

We believe having a consistent self-care ritual is key in providing the connection to the woman you were before motherhood and helping you to adjust to your new life without resentment and guilt. 

Studies show that women who practice self-care tend to lead healthier, happier lives!  Our mission is to instill this in mothers so we can have happier families, happier communities and a happier world. 

After all, a happy mother is a better mother!

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“In skincare and in life, a woman should never have to choose between what’s good for her and what makes her feel good.” -Raquel Roxanne Nowak, mom of 2, prenatal wellness specialist and Matrescence founder.