August Inspiration from our Founder: Breastfeeding & Wellness

August Inspiration from our Founder: Breastfeeding & Wellness

August brings with it not only World Breastfeeding Week but also Black Breastfeeding Week, highlighting the significance of supporting and empowering breastfeeding mothers, no matter what their journey looks like. And let's be real, breastfeeding is not all rainbows and sunshine. While the act of breastfeeding is a truly beautiful and rewarding experience, as moms we know it also comes with its own set of challenges that we can't ignore.

Oh, how I remember the ups and downs of my own breastfeeding journey! That first latch was like solving a puzzle with my newborn daughter, and setting timers just to stay on track suddenly became my new normal. And wow - can we talk about the shame and discomfort we moms are made to feel when nursing in public!? Been there, felt that. 

All those experiences were part of what led me to the company you see today. Our products, community, and mission are all intertwined in empowering and supporting mothers through every step of their motherhood journey. We are committed to shining a light on the challenges of motherhood, and connecting our mamas with expert resources, so you can walk this path armed with knowledge and the right tools.

One of the most important ways in which we support you on this journey is through products which are thoughtfully made with breastfeeding mothers in mind, ensuring that no toxins are transferred to your baby during the skin to skin contact. We incorporate soothing botanical extracts that support skin health, and keep skin hydrated to counteract the moisture loss from breastfeeding. Our promise to you, through our safe skincare, is one less thing to stress about as a mom.

As we devote this month to educating, normalizing and celebrating the mama's breastfeeding journey, let us remember that support and understanding are key in helping us all thrive.





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