September Inspiration from our Founder: The 5th Trimester

September Inspiration from our Founder: The 5th Trimester

There's another chapter of the postpartum period that is often unseen and overlooked…a behind-the-scenes balancing act of deadlines, diaper changes, and conference calls taken in the quiet(ish) corner of a nursery. The Fifth Trimester (a phrase coined by Lauren Smith Brody, CEO and founder of the Fifth Trimester, as well as the founder of Chamber of Mothers), is a time when the new mama, armed with sleepless nights, still-leaky breasts and a rollercoaster of emotions, ventures back to work.

In these moments, many of us may have second-guessed our choice to return, often sighing and wondering, 'Will I fail at both worlds?' That little voice of mom guilt shows up even when we’re giving it our all, and are stretched to our limits.

While society is placing expectations on us to excel in every role we undertake, the pressure of being the perfect mother is simultaneously thrust upon us, to “bounce back” - whether that means returning to pre-pregnancy bodies or juggling work and family life without missing a beat. Mothers who choose to work inside the home are not exempt from these challenges, either. The pressure to return to “normal” without missing a beat is present for all of us as moms. There seems to be an unwritten expectation: be a flawless mom and an impeccable professional, while holding it all together. But what I have learned is this idea of "having it all" is deeply personal. True balance isn’t about meeting some picture-perfect ideal; it’s about finding what resonates with you and your family.

At its core, "mothering the mother" is about empowerment for all mothers. It's about giving mothers the tools, resources, and support they need to thrive in their chosen professional and personal roles. It sends a powerful message: mothers deserve nurturing too, especially when balancing career demands with family responsibilities.

This is deeply personal for us here at Matrescence; everyday, our team of working moms juggle content creation, marketing and brainstorming product innovations in between school drop-offs and pick-ups, before settling down to read bedtime stories. Our team reflects the community we serve with understanding and empathy, and prioritizes a culture of flexibility because we believe society should value the multifaceted contributions of mothers, both paid and unpaid. The ripple effect of this support benefits not just our families, but society as a whole.

To the new mama stepping back into the workplace, remember: amidst the deadlines and diaper changes, you're not alone. Carve out those precious moments for yourself, even if it's just a few minutes to breathe and reset. And while the dance might sometimes feel off-beat, we’re here to support you while you find your rhythm. 




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