November Inspiration from our Founder: On Gratitude

November Inspiration from our Founder: On Gratitude

Honestly, cultivating gratitude has often been challenging for me. I catch myself being lost in the tide of 'what's next?' or 'have I done enough?'

Through it all, it has been the journey of nurturing others that has reshaped my attitude of gratitude. Just this week, while transitioning our wardrobe for the new season, I was struck by how much my girls have grown since last fall. Motherhood is sprinkled with these moments - fleeting and enchanting, they remind us how quickly time moves. These countless magical moments can slip by unnoticed, so I’ve made it a practice to pause and appreciate them for the gifts that they are. I keep a gratitude journal for reflections, a little sanctuary where I celebrate the daily joys, a nudge to also thank myself — to honor my journey.

This personal lesson has made its way to Matrescence. For us, gratitude is a foundational value and we have immense appreciation for this amazing community. Learning from you through our Motherhood Refined features and witnessing the magic you bring to the world of motherhood is heartwarming.

I'm equally grateful for the dedicated team of mothers powering our brand. Collaborating with these inspiring women every day is a constant reminder that it truly takes a village. Knowing that this work is as fulfilling for them as it is for me, reinforces the impact of our shared mission.

That mission of “mothering the mother” feels even more significant now as we tiptoe into the holiday season. While a season of togetherness, it also heightens the demands and responsibilities placed upon us as mothers. We must ensure that while we give to others, we also give to ourselves and that we prioritize receiving. Whether through a gift that makes us feel cherished or a quiet moment with our little ones, we must choose to embrace the peace amidst the chaos.

This is the message that accompanies our products as well; a gentle reminder to cherish yourself daily. An affirmation of self-love, self-care, and gratitude.  They are the gifts that make it easier for our loved ones to reaffirm their appreciation and support, as they join us on this journey.

As we make it through this season of thanksgiving, let us consistently pause, reflect, and truly indulge in the gifts that are available to us throughout motherhood.





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