Rachael Williams: On Focusing on Self-Care During Pregnancy

Rachael Williams: On Focusing on Self-Care During Pregnancy

Rachael Williams took a moment to chat with us a bit about the excitement surrounding her baby journey and how she strives to practice wellness throughout. The model, licensed Aromatherapist, and mom-to-be shares the importance of enjoying the journey and making time for stillness and self care during her pregnancy. 


Rachael, tell us a bit about you:

I was born in London, UK and moved to NYC seven years ago to model. It’s been such a beautiful exhilarating journey, being able to travel to all over America for shoots! I’ve worked with brands such as Target, Macys, Mac, Bobbi Brown, Project Runway and more. 

Although I do have a degree in Psychology, I was also interested in Aromatherapy and studied to become a licensed Aromatherapist here in NYC. My hobby is making up essential oils blends for friends and family.

I married my husband last year and now we are expecting our first child. We’re so blessed and over the moon!



How does Matrescence’s Mission to “mother the mother” resonate with you as a mom? In your career?

It means to offer support to and for the mother! I’ve noticed that throughout my pregnancy everyone is so excited about “the baby” that they sometimes forget to check in with me! I mean I’m like that too! I put so much attention on my child coming into this world, having to prepare for the big change that I forget to practice self care with myself! My mum has told me many times to just slow down and rest and be still, which is quite difficult when I’m a true busy New Yorker at heart. But “Mother the Mother” is very important and should definitely not be forgotten!


What was the most unexpected part of your own motherhood journey? 

Seeing how my body changed! I’ve always kept at one weight and dress size, so to see my belly grow was something out of the ordinary for me! It was and still is fascinating. Being able to feel all the changes in my body; every week there’s something new and my husband loves to hear about it.




Our focus this month is wellness in motherhood.  What does that mean to you as a mama?

Wellness is what I aim to practice everyday. Whether that is a walk around my neighborhood, spring cleaning my home, painting my nails or simply laying on the sofa in silence, it’s something that I know my mind and body need daily.


What’s one thing you wish you’d known before becoming a mom?

I’m still one month shy of my due date so I’m still learning and educating myself on what to know. But so far I’ve learned that I have to continuously listen to my body. I can’t show up for my husband and my family if I haven’t given my body what it needs. So I think once baby is here it will be the same. Making sure I eat well, rest and stay active is the best things for my mental health and my family’s mental health.



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