Summer Skincare Tips for the New Mama

Summer Skincare Tips for the New Mama

Finding balance as a new mom during the summer months can feel like an elusive goal, so make sure you don’t neglect your own self care. 

Your skin goes through a lot of changes during pregnancy and in the early postpartum stages, and summer weather can bring its own changes to our skin. Here are our best tips to keep your new mama skin glowing this summer: 


Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! 

When it’s hot and sticky outside, it may be tempting to ditch your skincare routine entirely, but this can cause major damage to your skin! Hydration is especially key during the hotter months, and even more so if you are a nursing mother! Make sure you are drinking enough water (at least 2 liters a day for women), and you also want to apply products that will deeply moisturize your skin without making you greasy or oily.

Our Rose Glow Brilliance Protection Soufflé is brimming in exotic butters like mango butter along with an infusion of antioxidants to hydrate, protect, brighten and balance the skin. Be sure to apply a mineral sunscreen on top for daytime wear. 

rose glow souffle

Don’t make this evening mistake:

We’ve all been there, especially as a tired new mom. It’s time for bed and all you want to do is collapse. But make sure you don’t forget to remove your makeup! It’s essential to remove everything your skin has collected from the day that might be clogging your pores or causing breakouts, and sweat makes this even more extreme. A gentle yet effective cleanser, formulated with gentle oils and powerful actives is great for a deep down clean that will never strip your skin.

pregnant mom having face washed

Enjoy Healthy Summer Fruits: 

In addition to hydrating your body, summer fruits like strawberries, watermelon, cucumber, peaches, pineapple, avocados and melon will add electrolytes and healthy fats to your system and are a great choice for the pregnant and nursing mama.  

oranges and flowers with skincare

Maintain a simple routine: 

Avoid overly complicated regimes and follow a simple ritual morning and night. We’ve mentioned our cleanser and soufflé, but don’t underestimate that second step! Our Brightening Essence will help to soothe and calm inflamed, irritated skin, as well as prep your skin for follow up products. 

We love the 3 step ritual of the Rose Glow Trio for the new mama. Spending 5 minutes to pamper YOU as you wind down for the evening and refill your cup is so key. This trio helps you focus on clearer, brighter and more hydrated skin so you can go enjoy your summer worry free


Make Sure You’re Getting Enough Sleep:

Ahhh, sleep. That elusive reward. As a new mom, it might be frustrating to hear that you need more sleep, when the reality is young children can make this impossible! Some nights it is inevitable that the restful night isn’t happening. But keep prioritizing you wherever possible, taking naps, trying for earlier bedtimes, and asking for help when you need it from your partner, family, and friends. Sleep deprivation can speed up the aging process for our bodies and our skin, and we don’t need one more thing to stress about! Experts recommend 7 hours a night minimum for new moms. 

While carving out time for your kids and responsibilities, don’t forget to carve out some time just for YOU, mama. Determine what self care looks like for you, create space for it, and set your summer intentions. Above all, don’t forget to give yourself grace. Here's to a beautiful summer!

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