A Pure Ritual: Toxin-Free Skincare

A Pure Ritual: Toxin-Free Skincare

Our skin is our body’s largest organ. The prime purpose of our skin is to protect us from external toxins. In fact, because our skin is a “breathable” organ, up to 60% of what we apply topically is actually absorbed into your bloodstream. The alarming news, however, is that most of our self-care products, including skincare, cosmetics, deodorants, and haircare, contain toxic ingredients that are known endocrine-disruptors as well as carcinogens. It’s been reported that the average person in the U.S. has at least 212 chemicals in their blood and urine. 

This is why it’s critical to ensure that the products we are using on our skin are made with clean ingredients. A good mantra to have when choosing self-care products is to not put something on your skin that you wouldn’t eat.

In her blog post "The Toxins Lurking in Your Skincare Routine," wellness writer and certified holistic nutritionist Jacqueline Genova (@well.n.strong on Insta) reviews the top toxins to avoid in your skincare ritual, from fragrance to parabens to siloxanes. 

Check out Jac's post on WellnStrong.com. 


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