5 Best Times for Moms to Meditate

5 Best Times for Moms to Meditate

Let's face it. The best time for a busy mom to meditate is ANY time she can find. (Am I right?!) There are, though, some times of the day in which grabbing five minutes to yourself might be somewhat easier than others. Read on to discover the five best times for moms to meditate (thanks, LeftBrainBuddha!):

  1. Before the rest of the house wakes up
    Ugh, it’s true.We want five more minutes snuggled under the covers as much as the next mom, but the truth is that getting up just a few minutes before everyone else and doing a brief meditation will help you focus and be more present long after the alarm has gone off. Trust us, when the craziness of the day sets in, you’ll be glad you did.

  2. When your littles take their naps
    As soon as your little one goes down for his nap, don’t immediately launch into your to-do list. Instead, take a minute – no, take five minutes! – to sit, focus on your breathing, and restore your center. Just like your little guy is recharging, so should you!

  3. One of your (many) errands
    When you’re waiting for the doctor’s office to text you that it’s okay to enter the building. When you’re waiting for your curbside Target pickup. When you’re in the school pickup line. Chances are you spend your fair share of time in the car, waiting. Use that time for good, not evil (TikTok scrolling, anyone?), and do a quick meditation while you wait. 

  4. After the rest of the house goes to bed
    Are you sensing a theme here? Yep, once you’ve got the kids down and your emails checked and you’re ready to turn in for the night, grab five minutes to close your eyes, focus on what you can sense around you, and center yourself after what was undoubtedly a long day. 

  5. Anytime you can find
    While we were being somewhat facetious, it’s actually true. If you must, grab five minutes any time you can find them. Folding laundry, making meals, taking a shower. Extend any event where you have time to yourself by just five more minutes and use that time to focus on nothing but your breath and being present. 

Need some meditation inspiration once you’ve got your five minutes? We have you covered there too. Check it out now. 

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