Is "Dry Cleansing" Right for You?

Is "Dry Cleansing" Right for You?

You may have seen the trend on TikTok. Experts are swearing it can lead to your best skin, and we agree! 

It’s called “Dry Cleansing,” and it’s really quite simple. Instead of cleansing while your skin is wet like usual, you apply your cleanser to dry skin. As moms, we know time is crucial, and saving one step in our routine makes a big difference! Massage cleanser on your skin with dry hands in a circular motion, and then add a little lukewarm water and massage a little more before washing your cleanser off. That's it!

The benefits?

The major benefit is that you get the full strength of the formula without diluting it. “Since you’re not diluting the actives with water, you can get a more concentrated delivery of beneficial actives for better results from the cleanser,” says board certified dermatologist Loretta Ciraldo, MD, FAAD. It can also help with exfoliating dead skin cells, further removing impurities from your skin, and helping your serums and moisturizers absorb better. 

Remember, if you have extremely sensitive skin or if you are using harsh cleansers, this method might not be right for you as it can cause redness, dryness and irritation. You’ll want to look for cleansers with skin-friendly, hydrating ingredients, like our Rose Glow Purifying Cleanser (which was awarded by Brydie as one of the best cleansers for dry skin).

Try it out and let us know what you think!

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