July Inspiration from Our Founder: Paths to Motherhood

July Inspiration from Our Founder: Paths to Motherhood

Motherhood is such a unique journey and there isn’t a single event that it can be defined by. We each have a series of different experiences and challenges on the journey; as moms, we arrive here in different ways. We’re dedicating July’s editorial to the many paths to motherhood and celebrating our diverse journeys, including adoption, fostering, single parenting, blended families, and same-sex parenting. At Matrescence, we’re saying loudly and clearly that all paths to motherhood are equally beautiful and meaningful.


Matrescence, by definition, refers to the process of becoming a mother and goes beyond the biological act of giving birth. It represents the emotional, psychological, and social transformation experienced by those who step into the role of a mother. Understanding and appreciating this gives us a deeper opportunity to learn from each other, share insights, and to create a truly inclusive community. 


When we talk about "mothering the mother," we're saying that no matter how we got here, every one of us knows what it's like to feel joy, face challenges, and go through unique experiences that only other mothers can understand. Experiences we believe need to be shared and supported.


International Self Care Day, on July 24 is a great reminder of just how much this is needed.  The backdrop of the long summer days is a great time to over-indulge in self-care rituals, whether it's spending more time outdoors, taking a much-needed vacation, or adding a new ritual to the mix. I hope our entire Matrescence community will focus on relaxation and renewal, and dedicate time to the activities that truly bring us joy.





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