Lola Toney: On Nurturing Your Soul and Your Babies

Lola Toney: On Nurturing Your Soul and Your Babies

Artist, dancer, teacher and more - Lola Toney’s energy can be felt in every word she shares. The D.C. based mama of two shares her powerful outlook on self care, parenting, and using beauty as a vehicle to embrace her culture. 

Lola, tell us a little about you: 

I am a visual artist, degreed professional dancer, teacher, military wife and mother of two daughters (Mila 17 and Isabella 6), currently living in the D.C. suburbs. 


What does self care look like to you?

The value I place on my daily expressions is extremely significant to my soul, whether it’s through my fashion choices, makeup, or the way I dance away the day. If it warms and soothes the soul, to me, I have succeeded in self care. 


How does Matrescence’s Mission to “mother the mother” resonate with you as a mom? In your career?

Our mental well being is what can determine decisions that project onto our children, so it’s so important to nurture our souls in the way we need to. As I move forward daily with my own self care rituals, the intention I speak into my friends and family is to help them seek their soul song each day. “What does your soul need?” is the question I’m always asking. Even if it is simply through a hug. 



Do you have any daily/weekly rituals that you stick to?

Oh yes! And I keep it super simple. Water! Drink it. Washing my face/ bathing/ showering. Water renews you, every time it washes over your body. Period. Anytime that I’m in my bathroom is sacred. 


How does working in the beauty industry impact how you approach parenting?

My girls have witnessed my journey of embracing our culture and researching our ancestry. We love learning about our hair, skin, and super talents as they naturally exist. Because we’re breaking away from assimilation, we have been seeking brands and products that relate to us.



What’s one thing you wish you’d known before becoming a mom?

That it’s okay to fail, because grace is the key that we hold for ourselves and it is always available for us. 


What has been the hardest part of your mama journey? The most rewarding?

The hardest part has been the fear of losing them, or them losing me. The most rewarding… all of the love. All of the love. Because when you cleanse with love, it’s just like water, you’re renewed every time. That love washes away fear…because love is immortal. 


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