Parabens: Are they really that harmful??

Parabens: Are they really that harmful??

By now, we've all heard that parabens are bad and we need to avoid them at all costs. But, just what are parabens and are they really that bad for you and your baby?

Parabens are preservatives commonly found in food, cosmetics and personal care products. The most common parabens used are methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben & butylparaben. They are highly effective in preventing the growth of bacteria and mold to preserve the freshness of the products. Sounds good, right? 

Why we don't include parabens in our products

The concern with these chemicals is that scientific studies suggest that parabens can disrupt hormones in the body and harm fertility and reproductive organs, affect birth outcomes, and increase the risk of cancer. They can also cause skin irritation.


Parabens have been thought to mimic estrogen in the body and contribute to estrogen-stimulated breast cancers. A study conducted in 2003 detected parabens in breast milk and also in the cord blood of newborn babies, confirming that they do penetrate the skin and tissues. In addition, parabens have been linked to skin allergies and irritation and thought to cause disruption of the endocrine system, which in turn interferes with the normal functioning of hormones. 

None of this is in any way favorable to anyone, let alone someone trying to conceive or who is pregnant. 

Unfortunately, while the FDA does limit the levels of parabens allowed in foods and beverages, it does not regulate these chemicals in cosmetics and personal care products. That means many skincare products can be marketed as"natural" or "organic" but may still contain parabens.   

For us, natural and organic are not enough. We design our products to be safe for use at all stages of motherhood and take pride in knowing that are completely paraben-free.