Courtney Daylong: Why Changing the World Starts at Home with Your Family

Courtney Daylong: Why Changing the World Starts at Home with Your Family

Mom of four Courtney Daylong boasts an impressive resume: the Holistic Health Coach is Board Certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, is a Breastfeeding Counselor accredited by Breastfeeding USA, and holds multiple advanced degrees, including coursework in public policy from University of Southern California, a Masters Degree from Carnegie Mellon University, and intensive programs in nutrition from Stanford University and the University of Minnesota. Perhaps most inspiring, however, is her message to her family to leave the world a better place than they found it.


Courtney, tell us a little about you: 

I have three boys: Brady, Blake and Skylar, and a 4 month old baby girl, Kate Oceane. As a wife, former Regional VP, current Functional Medicine Nutritionist and homeschooling Mama of 4, I value quality products more than ever. My educational focus is in the holistic health care field. Self care for me needs to be quick and efficient, but also very effective. I want to invest in myself to better invest in my children. I'm a fan of waking up and working to be better and more informed today than yesterday. I want to give back to the world by leaving a legacy of gratitude and hope. I work hard to keep a zen energy in our often frenetic home, and want the kids to grow up knowing their contributions to the world make a difference. I want them to understand that it’s less about them, and more about others. 



Do you have any daily/weekly rituals that you stick to?

Matrescence's simplistic Rose Glow Trio saves me EVERY DAY. It’s my holy grail ritual. My skin was classified as more than just sensitive; my dermatologist went so far as to call it “intolerant.” I have tried SO many skin care products and this combo is perfect for my rosacea and psoriasis prone skin. The EWG verified cleanser, brightening serum and hydrating-while-correcting moisturizer is a no brainer for me. It is by far the best safe, clean, non-toxic ritual skincare out there for all women, pregnant, breastfeeding and beyond. I really am obsessed with how this simple regime keeps my skin so healthy, youthful and glowy, even amidst my tired newborn baby girl phase. 

In addition, once a week I add a 15 minute at-home microderm exfoliation session. It preps my skin for the week and continues encouraging a dewy glow. As a 46 year old mom, I have to continue to really prioritize my health through diet and exercise as well as taking care of my skin. Matrescence has kept me looking youthful in such a time-efficient way for leading a busy lifestyle. No one believes I'm 46! 





How does Matrescence’s Mission to “mother the mother” resonate with you as a mom? In your career?

This Mission is crucial for me to be at my best. Like most moms, we take care of ourselves last. I have learned that if we don't prioritize ourselves, we then have an empty cup to serve our children, our loved ones, and our community/career life. It all comes back to mama prioritizing mama, as she sets the tone for the home. 

I have such a deep appreciation for Raquel as the Founder of Matrescence. I love the name she chose for her company, "Matrescence", as it refers to the process of becoming a mother. Her innate knowing that moms need "a practical application of self care that can fit into a busy mom's lifestyle" speaks volumes about her as a woman, mother and entrepreneur. Reading Raquel's story of losing her own mother after her second child was born resonates with me deeply as my own mother's health has been declining intensely these last 5 years.  I too have learned so much of what Raquel had to learn during her postpartum journey of needing to "step in and mother myself".


What’s one thing you wish you’d known before becoming a mom?

The value of time. We can never change it or get it back and making the most of it is key - for ourselves, for our children, for our community. Before having kids, I think all parents can agree, "what did we do with all of our free time?"


What has been the hardest part of your mama journey? The most rewarding?

The biggest challenge for me as a mom is making sure each child gets enough of my one on one time to feel satiated, to feel heard. Prioritizing each child, in addition to family time, is very intentional in our home.

The most rewarding part of my mama journey has been watching each child grow into their own identity. Every one of them is so different and unique with specific likes, dislikes, and passions to make a difference in our world. I can't wait to see what keeps them awake at night and what calms their spirits as they keep growing.


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