December Inspiration from our Founder: A Year in Review

December Inspiration from our Founder: A Year in Review

As another year comes to a close, it feels like the perfect moment to sit down (maybe with a cup of tea in hand) and reflect on this journey. My year, much like the process of becoming a mother, has been filled with growth, learning, and moments that have been both challenging and enriching. Each month our newsletter has focused on themes that brought to light the multifaceted experiences of pregnancy, postpartum, community, and of course the profound transformation of matrescence. What stands out to me are not the individual posts or articles we’ve shared with you, but the collective strength, vulnerability, and resilience you’ve all shared with us. Your experiences breathed life into our discussions and made our community a living, thriving space.

In the same way our babies experience profound changes within a year, as mothers we undergo an equally significant transformation. This journey, this dance of matrescence, is at the heart of everything we do here. It's why our commitment to “mother the mother” is so significant. Our movement boldly emphasizes that nurturing a mother is just as essential as caring for a newborn. It’s why our goal for this year was growth - to expand this space where every mother can feel valued, supported, and deeply understood. A diverse community where experiences are shared, not only as stories, but as testimonies and triumphs.

Personally, this year has been one of embracing change in my own journey, recognizing it is not only inevitable but also necessary for growth. Change is integral to the continuous evolution of our identities, an ever-changing landscape where each step forward is a mixture of joy, challenge, and discovery.  We’re eager to further intertwine your personal stories with broader discussions on maternal health and well-being, providing more actionable resources in 2024. For our small all-mama team that means new goals to reach, more stories to share, and endless opportunities to learn and grow together. As we step into the new year, I plan to do so with hope and anticipation, much like a mother watching her child grow, and I invite you to join me and do the same.





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