The Benefits of Mushroom Extracts for Your New Mama Skin

The Benefits of Mushroom Extracts for Your New Mama Skin

We've talked about the many ways that matrescence - the process of becoming a mother - can impact your mama skin. One of the things I never expected as a new mom was just how much my skin would change, and how fast it would happen - right from that first bout of pregnancy acne!

But don't worry mama, hope is not lost. One of the best ways you can reclaim that "pregnancy glow" we were promised is from something amazing found in our environment. Sure, mushrooms might show up in that hot new dish at your favorite restaurant, but that’s not the only place you’ll see them right now! Mushroom extracts are a trending ingredient in the skincare world, and for great reason. 

So why all the hype? Certain types of mushrooms are considered to be “adaptogens,” meaning they are part of a category of non-toxic plants that help your body adapt to and resist stress. They’re also a great staple in clean beauty, due to their many antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits, lending to that toxin-free pregnancy ritual that means so much to you as a mama. They’re packed with B vitamins like Niacinamide, a popular brightening ingredient, and humectants, which draw moisture into your skin.

Mushroom extracts may also help to:



 One of the major skin complaints during pregnancy is a type of hyperpigmentation known as chloasma, often referred to as the “pregnancy mask.” Characterized by its dark spots, chloasma is a type of melasma that affects up to 75% of expecting moms. Lingzhi (otherwise known as Reishi) mushrooms are a great natural aid in treating this skin condition, due to their high amounts of kojic acid, which helps to naturally brighten the skin without irritating side effects. Shiitake mushrooms also contain kojic acid. This natural and pregnancy-safe substance is known to inhibit tyrosinase, an enzyme involved in the production of melanin. Kojic acid is often used in skin care products to lighten hyperpigmentation. It also helps protect against future dark spots by blocking abnormal pigment production.

This powerful clean beauty ingredient is consistent with our promise to provide pregnancy and nursing safe skincare, which is why you can find both Lingzhi and Shiitake mushroom extracts in the Rose Glow Brilliance Protection Soufflé. As moms, we have enough to worry about, what you put on your body shouldn't be part of that list. 


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