Jennifer Jolorte, Clinical Nutritionist and Chef, on Healthy Pregnancy and Postpartum Nutrition

Jennifer Jolorte, Clinical Nutritionist and Chef, on Healthy Pregnancy and Postpartum Nutrition

Jennifer Jolorte Doro is a NYC-based Clinical Nutritionist and Postpartum Chef who focuses on providing nutritious meals to families postpartum, offering breastfeeding counseling and helping families navigate the transition to solid food and beyond. Her focus is on whole, locally sourced, seasonal ingredients while providing healthier alternatives to some of life’s favorite foods.

Jennifer shared with us one of her simple and nutritious recipes and opens up about self-care and skincare routine as a mother to a one-year-old toddler.

On what inspired and shaped her to become a postpartum chef and start Alitebite.

I grew up in California and I attended undergrad in Santa Barbara. Living in Santa Barbara first exposed me to true health and wellness. I had the opportunity to work for a very early concept of health-focused meal delivery company. Alitebite was established as a lifestyle blog focused on living well. Years later in NYC after a yoga teacher training, I became introduced to the concept of postpartum aftercare. I was also in the first year of my M.S. in Clinical Nutrition program. I was then introduced to a client looking for that exact thing. That's where the concept came together and the stars aligned.
Alitebite is an integrative practice that addresses pregnancy, postpartum, starting solids, and beyond. I hold an M.S. in Clinical Nutrition, am a trained birth doula, pre/postnatal fitness instructor, and a certified breastfeeding counselor. My Postpartum Chef Program truly integrates all of this knowledge and experience to provide the best care for new parents. 


On the most important foods for pregnancy.

On her skincare routine and how that has that changed since becoming a mother.
I am truly obsessed with skincare. I think I was fortunate early on to be influenced by friends and family about the importance of good skin as the skin absorbs everything. My daily routine consists of a gel cleanser, hydrating toner then vitamin c + hyaluronic acid serum, facial oil then SPF. If I'm out in the sun for an extended period I will always wear a hat and never intentionally expose my face to the sun. I also don't wear make up that often, maybe once a week. When I do it will be some concealer, cheek tint, and some highlight. 
It is pretty difficult to have an extensive skincare routine as a mother so it is important to purchase quality products with high impact. During the day my skincare routine is pretty low key while at night I can enjoy a mask. I'll indulge in an occasional spa trip. 

On self-care
A lot of the reason why I'm so passionate about the work I do is the emphasized focus on the mother, especially postpartum. People tend to forget about the mother once the baby arrives, yet the mother is the most important. If the mother is cared for, the baby will be too.
Self-care is everything to me. I am a huge believer in taking time for yourself every single day. Especially as a new parent, the things you used to indulge, take a bit more effort. If you have 10-15 minutes when the baby is napping you can read a few pages of a book, meditate, stretch or enjoy some quiet. The laundry, the dishes, and the mess will be there but taking those few moments to take care of yourself will provide a lifetime of good health. 

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