Founder of Mrs. Push Melissa Mor: On Navigating Motherhood

Founder of Mrs. Push Melissa Mor: On Navigating Motherhood

When mom of three Melissa Mor looked for her push present, she struggled to find the perfect fit. She decided to take matters into her own hands and created Mrs. Push, an online destination where moms could receive that token of appreciation that made them feel special after giving birth. Melissa shares openly about her pregnancy journey and the medical hurdles she navigated, and drives home how important it is to stay present and find your own inner voice in motherhood, while remembering that every stage in the journey is temporary. 

Melissa, tell us about you:

I’m a mom of three and a born & raised New Yorker who moved to Atlanta during Covid. 

After being overwhelmed by the idea of finding the perfect push present, I created a curated destination of meaningful gifts for mom, and Mrs. Push was born: an online push present destination. I’m a fashion girl at heart & a wellness junkie. 



What was the most unexpected part of your own motherhood journey? 

Hmmm….I’m not sure but maybe breastfeeding for 8 years straight!  From one kid, to the other. It’s definitely not something I planned on, but nursing into toddlerhood with each of my kids came naturally. 

What struggles have you encountered balancing work and motherhood? How do you navigate them?

I don’t think there is balance. Some days I’m in flow & everything is working exactly as I planned. But many days, things don’t go as planned: the baby doesn’t nap, kids are off school, and more. You just have to roll with it - easier said than done I know!


Talk to us about “mom guilt.” Have you felt it? How have you worked through it?

Of course I’ve felt it. I’ve always been one who feels guilty often, even before becoming a mom. But I’ve gotten better with time. Trying to stay present allows me to not spiral into feelings of guilt. I started a tradition of going on solo trips with each of my bigger kids. I took my 5 year old to Paris and my 8 year old to Super Nintendo World in Los Angeles most recently. I felt guilty leaving the baby behind, especially since I’m still nursing, but once I allowed myself to be in the present, put the phone away and just be, all the guilt went away.


How does Matrescence’s Mission to “mother the mother” resonate with you as a mom? In your career? 

When we take care of ourselves we can be better moms. I am crazy about my sleep. If I don’t sleep, I know I’ll be crazy the next day (just ask my husband lol) so I definitely prioritize sleep above all else. I’m also very into holistic health, so a little me time with my red light device or a walk with my little one helps me get out of my head and feel my best. 

This is why I love the concept of push presents. For me, it’s not about materialism or “receiving” something. It’s about that token of appreciation to make mom feel special.



In what ways do you feel your path to motherhood was different or unique?

I’ve had previa issues with each of my pregnancies. With my oldest & youngest I had placenta previa which moved up and I was able to deliver naturally. But with my middle daughter, Aria, I had something called Vasa Previa. It occurs when unprotected umbilical vessels run through the amniotic membranes, and pass over the cervix. It’s a rare pregnancy complication that can lead to severe blood loss for your fetus if not carefully managed. A C-section is required but if your water was to break, you only have minutes to get the baby out safely. 

So with Aria I had a C Section at 36 weeks. I took my health into my own hands as much as I could control it. Many doctors would have had me move into the hospital at 32-34 weeks. I worked with a naturopath to help make sure she was developing as best she could, and consumed a lot of healthy fats, organ meats and vitamins to help prevent preterm labor. At 36 weeks she was born totally perfect and with no need for the NICU. I truly attribute this to the changes I made in my diet & lifestyle. Funny enough, I was a health coach years ago and spoke on this subject. In the last few months, women have been seeking me out on Instagram to share that they were also diagnosed with Vasa Previa and ask for my feedback.


What is the best thing you learned about parenting and who did you learn it from?

Not to take anyone’s advice! You learn as you go and what works for you may not work for someone else and their kids. People are always giving advice but I try not to take it too seriously, unless it’s something I really vibe with. 



What is the most challenging aspect of being a mom, and how do you manage it?

Every stage has its challenges, but knowing that “everything is a phase” has helped me not sweat most things. What I worried about a year ago is totally gone and now I’m on to the next thing to worry about! That part never ends, but I try not to focus on what it is because I know it will change. 


Anything else you want us to know? 

I came across Matrescence at the Fashion Mamas/Mamas Making It  event in LA this past March and fell in love with your product and brand.

Feel free to DM me on Instagram. I love to hear other’s motherhood & push present stories. Mine was so funny & they usually are!

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