Expert Tips for Navigating the Holidays as a Mother

Expert Tips for Navigating the Holidays as a Mother

Navigating the holidays when you’re a mama can be as overwhelming as it is enjoyable. Our all-mom team at Matrescence is sharing their best tips for how to navigate this season with grace, take in the celebratory nature, collect all the memories and leave the stress at the door.


Find the Magic in Small Traditions:

"Keep it simple. The magic is in the small traditions that are present every year and help mark the season. When I think back to being a kid, the memories that stand out the most are the simple ones at home — picking out and decorating the tree, listening to Christmas music, wrapping presents, my mom baking, looking at lights. Doing those things as a family and having a hand in them as a kid is what made the holidays feel so magical."

Natalie, Social Media Manager 



Choose Joy Over Stress:

"Lean into traditions and rituals.  Keep the ones that bring you joy, and feel free to modify or skip the ones that cause stress. It’s perfectly okay to create new, simpler traditions that fit your family's current lifestyle."

Raquel Nowak, Founder



Give Yourself Grace with the To Do List:

"Navigating the holidays as a mom can be insane! I am so guilty of telling myself 'next week' will be less busy, but next week is not promised. When I look back on years past, I don’t remember my To Do list, but I remember the moments I spent with my family and the enjoyment they gained in this season. If it won’t matter in 5 years, I try not to spend more than 5 minutes stressing over it now. And if I can’t move past the stress, I retreat to the bathroom and focus on me with a warm bath or a my skincare routine and a good podcast.

Every night when we pray, the girls and I focus on abundance - I think most of us are guilty of thinking abundance is just about money, but there is so much abundance all around us: the love we have for each other, the health we are blessed with, even the air we breathe. Enjoying the abundance in this season helps me remember what it’s all about."

Ky Lauren, Content Manager



 Create New Traditions for Your Family:

"You get to decide what traditions you want to start with your family so they can be as simple as putting up the stockings together or as involved as visiting a local hospital to donate extra toys you have lying around to brighten up the holidays for sick children. If you stick to it every year, it will be something your kids will remember forever."

Lisa Schwartz, PR Manager



 Embrace the Beauty of Imperfection:

"When my boys were younger, I was so focused on making the holidays, from decor to food, look like what I would see in magazines.  It would usually end up being overwhelming, tears would be involved (mine), and I always felt a little like I was letting my family down because it wasn't perfect. ​ 

Eventually, I realized none of that really mattered, and all we needed was to spend time together and have fun. I knew this mindset already - most people do - but for some reason, I didn't accept it. 

Now, my motto in life is 'Keep it simple, but make it awesome.'  For Thanksgiving, I decorate with a few pumpkins and ONE potted plant at the front door and only commit to making one side dish and a dessert.  My husband makes the turkey and everything else I order premade from Whole Foods.  I've done this for the past five years, and it's been fantastic!  

I actually look forward to Thanksgiving because I haven't over-committed myself and get to relax and enjoy my family more.  I love it and won't go back to doing "all the things".

Monica Hutchison, Marketing Manager 


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