Celebrating World Doula Week: Empowering Women with Rachel Nicks

March 27, 2022

Born and raised in Oakland, CA, Rachel Nicks is a mother of two beautiful sons who currently resides in NYC. Along with being a mama, she’s an actor and graduate of The Juilliard School, a founding MIRROR instructor, doula, and lactation counselor. Rachel also founded the non-profit organization, Birth Queen, to combat the Black maternal health crisis. Through Birth Queen, Black mothers can feel confident knowing someone is advocating for them and breathing new life into the birth world with funding, education, and support.

We are thrilled that Rachel took time to share what it means to be a doula, her perspective on empowering mothers on their birth and breastfeeding journeys, and the genesis of her nonprofit organization, Birth Queen. We are honored to have Rachel in our Matrescence community in honor of World Doula Week!

Part I: Rachel Discusses the Role of the Doula and Shares Some of Her Most Impactful Moments as a Doula 


Part I: Rachel Discusses Her Nonprofit, Birth Queen


To learn more about Birth Queen or support its mission to educate, support, and empower Black women, parents and birthing people, check out the website: https://birthqueen.org/.

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