Kristine McGlinchey: On Mindful Motherhood and Finding Purpose in Your Work

Kristine McGlinchey: On Mindful Motherhood and Finding Purpose in Your Work

When she became a mom, Kristine McGlinchey knew she wanted to leave her corporate career as a publicist to be more present for her daughter. The OM Mommas founder and author shares how parenting helped her shift her focus to more purposeful work, and she shares with us how to seek out mindful parenting and focus on our own wellness first.


Kristine, tell us a little about you:

I'm a former corporate publicist turned intuitive mentor, speaker and author. I hold space for women to consciously conceive the life of their dreams, whether it's starting a business or starting a family. I am deeply passionate about maternal health and spiritual wellness and believe that conscious women can birth ancestral revolutions. I am grateful to be the guide to two amazing children, and can't do it without the support of my amazing husband. 



What was the most unexpected part of your own motherhood journey?

The most unexpected part of my initiation into motherhood were the limiting beliefs and energetic blocks that came with it! I didn't realize how conditioned we are as women to associate fear and negativity with the whole process, from pregnancy into birth and beyond. It affected me so much that I birthed my free community OM Mommas alongside my daughter, as the village that every mom never knew she needed!



How does Matrescence’s Mission to “mother the mother” resonate with you as a mom? In your career?

“Mother the mother" is a reminder to bring back the sacred rites of passage that have been lost and forgotten in our society over time. When we mother the mother we honor the new woman that has also been birthed alongside the new baby. 


What motivated you to start your business?

My daughter. From the moment I saw the positive result on the pregnancy test I made the conscious decision to leave my career as a corporate publicist. The bravery and courage she gave me, and continues to give me, has inspired the deep desire to guide other women through similar transitions and seasons of their lives. 



What does wellness in motherhood look like for you as a mama? What does it look like in your business?

Wellness is non-negotiable in motherhood! It's a crucial element to experiencing flow and harmony in everyday life. It can be as simple as reciting a favorite mantra or affirmation, taking a deep breath in and out, or going for a walk. When you feel well your environment supports that energy including your business.


What’s one thing you wish you’d known before becoming a mom?

One thing I wish I knew before becoming a mom is how easy it is to feel like you aren't good enough. I would tell that version of me, in those first few days of motherhood, that no matter what she is the perfect mother for this child, and to never forget that. This is what inspired me to write my book, "Momtras: Mantras For Mindful Moms," when my daughter was 9 months old. 


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