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Love Your Lines: Embracing Your Body as a New Mom

For so many of us, body image is a lifelong journey with its own ups and downs. At no other point does it seem as extreme, however, as the journey to become a mother. 

Over the better part of a year, our body goes from being our own, to one that houses an entire human. Our physical, mental, and emotional perspective about our body changes drastically. We greet our baby and the postpartum journey begins, and with it, an entirely new set of changes to our body.  Stretch marks are one of the biggest defining features of this stage.  


50-90% of women will have stretch marks in their adult life, and many see them for the first time during or after pregnancy. It’s tempting (and even normal) to not want to get them, but loving your body and its changes is a crucial part of the journey towards self-acceptance and body positivity. They are a testament to the amazing things your body has accomplished and your “tiger stripes” should be celebrated, not shamed. 

It can be challenging to embrace your stretch marks, especially in a society that often perpetuates unrealistic beauty standards. But by focusing on self-love and treating your body with kindness and respect, you can learn to appreciate them as part of your unique and beautiful story. 



At Matrescence, rather than focusing on shame, we chose to offer products that nourish and strengthen your skin as it changes, while soothing symptoms like itchiness and dryness. The Stretch Mark Relief Trio supports your skin and allows you to honor and love your body at every stage of the journey.

Remember, your body is strong, resilient, and worthy of love, just the way it is. Embrace it all on your journey towards body positivity. 


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