May Inspiration from Our Founder: Generational Traditions in Motherhood

May Inspiration from Our Founder: Generational Traditions in Motherhood

I have the fondest memories of baking with my mom. Every Sunday and during the holidays, we'd whip up treats that filled the house with the sweetest aroma. To this day, baked goodies taste like love to me because they remind me of those special moments we spent together in the kitchen. My mom also taught me the art of being a patient and understanding mother. As I raise my own little ones, I try my hardest to create a home filled with empathy and compassion, just like she did for me.


This month, we're embracing the beauty of generational traditions and rituals. Embracing our precious memories that make our hearts warm and fuzzy, but also that invaluable wisdom and advice from our own mothers and grandmothers that has been key in shaping our motherhood journey and ultimately bonding us as a community.  


I never got the chance to meet my grandma, but I still feel her love and presence through the lessons my mom passed down. The values and traditions my grandma taught my mom continue to influence our family, connecting generations in such a profound way. From those cozy bedtime stories to our secret family recipes, the wisdom of our moms and grandmas truly lives on in our everyday parenting adventures. 


Focusing on the "mama's mama” this month deeply aligns with our mission of "mothering the mother." It prompts us to ask that important question: who mothers the mother?  By shining a light on the mama's mamas, we are highlighting one of the most significant ways in which we receive support on our motherhood journeys.


It's through those lessons and advice handed down through generations that we can thrive as modern moms. These rituals are the threads that hold our family tapestries together, give us stability and that “oh so needed” sense of belonging. When we acknowledge and honor the wisdom of our ancestors, we're not just giving a nod to their contributions – we're also deepening our understanding of our own role as caregivers.


Embracing and celebrating these traditions allows us to connect with our roots and cherish the motherhood legacy passed down to us. It also inspires us to keep those rituals alive with our own kids, passing along that flame of love. This beautiful cycle preserves our family stories, making sure the essence of the "mama's mama" lives on through us and our little ones.


Fittingly, Maternal Mental Health Week falls in the same month as Mother’s Day. Mental health challenges during pregnancy and the postpartum period, like depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders, are far more common than many of us realize. There's often a lack of awareness and  understanding about maternal mental health issues and it's so heartbreaking that many of us feel stigmatized or too embarrassed to seek help. At Matrescence, we understand that it is crucial to continue the conversation, kick that stigma to the curb, and encourage other mamas to get the support they need and deserve. 


With Mother's Day just around the corner, I know it brings a whirlwind of emotions for many of us. Maybe you’ve lost your mom like I have, or maybe you have a challenging relationship; perhaps the day brings a series of unmet expectations for you. The challenge of not having your mom in your life, or even not having the parent-child relationship you envisioned, leaves a gap in your life and adds another layer of complexity to parenting.  Our moms are often our go-to source of guidance, love, and support. As we navigate our own motherhood journeys, we feel the extra weight to carry on their legacy and pass on the wisdom they shared with us to our own kids.  


So where do we turn for support and inspiration? It might come from other mother figures, our friends, motherhood communities or even from deep within ourselves. Going through the loss of a mom or dealing with a difficult relationship can also make us appreciate the importance of self-care and self-compassion even more. We learn to recognize our own needs and prioritize our well-being, because we know the danger of having an empty cup.


Remember that no matter our maternal relationships, we can still find strength and resilience by tapping into the wisdom and love other maternal figures have passed down to us. On Mother’s Day and every day, our community is here to support you. 





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